Join Dr. Kilbane's Mini Cleanse for Kids and set the foundation for a healthy and strong new year with a safe detox for your entire family!


Why a cleanse for kids?

I created this cleanse as an easy, fun way for families to dip their toes into the "Dr. Kilbane integrative approach to children's health." Cleanses can be a powerful way to reset your health, but not all cleanses are safe for children. This cleanse is different. It's safe, even for the smallest member of your family! As a board-certified pediatrician trained in integrative medicine, I know families must take things step-by-step when it comes to nutrition and health changes, and that's why this cleanse is simple!

What people are saying about Dr. Kilbane...

"Such a balanced approach! Love that you bridge Eastern & Western medicine - recognizing the benefits and limitations of both."

Sara Vance

"Dr. Kilbane and her team have transformed my daughter's health. We love them. Thank you for changing our lives."

Holly Webb


Dr. Kilbane's Mini Cleanse for Kids is all about giving you simple steps to help your child detox and build a healthy immune system. What's included:

  • Daily Email: A simple actionable step with one thing to remove from your diet and one thing to add is sent to your inbox each day of the cleanse. You'll also receive food replacement suggestions each day.
  • 5 Downloadable Guides: Mini Cleanse for Kids Guide, Dr. Kilbane's Supplement Guide, Winterizing Your Family, Top 10 Kitchen Essentials, and 10 Tips to Make Food Your Pharmacy.
  • Closed Facebook Group: Connect with other like-minded parents and be the first to learn news and how to pre-order Dr. Kilbane's upcoming book, Healthy Kids, Happy Moms.
  • 1st Module of Dr. Kilbane's Online Course - 7 STEPS TO HEALTHY KIDS HAPPY MOMS™: Access the first module of Dr. Kilbane's online course and learn how to review your child's medical history, track symptoms, and understand acute illness, just like your child's pediatrician.

Our Partners

We teamed up with some amazing partners for a few fun giveaways and bonuses! Follow @sheilakilbanemd on Facebook and Instagram to participate in the giveaways and join the cleanse for access to the bonuses from our partners!

Joanna Reule

Brave Broth

Kiran Dodeja 

Easy Real Food

Stephanie Rickenbaker

Sweet's Syrup

Haynes Paschall

The Right Bite

Jenny Melick

Roses and Azalea

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Infinite Health Team

Sheila Kilbane, MD is a board-certified pediatrician who trained with Andrew Weil, MD in integrative medicine. She works with families to find the root cause of illness and uses natural and nutritional therapies whenever possible.

Deborah Allen, RPh is a board-certified pharmacist, and mother of 13-year-old triplets. She works to empower families with a step-by-step holistic approach that begins with healing at the cellular level.

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